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Ron's Story in Slides

Ron and Patricia Madson With their 1st Himalayan Cat, Buddha

Sons Ethan and Jason Madson with their Father, Ron Madson, Top of Mt Washington

Tibetian Monk giving a Cooking Class in home of Ron and Patricia Madson

Cat Buddha, Ron Madson, and Buddha's likeness on a Rock

Gary Madson, Ron Madson,
and Glauss Blood Elder:
Claire Leone Glauss

Halil Kulluk and Extended Family in Istanbul, Turkey

Patricia Madson watercolor painting the Ruins of Once Magnificant Delphi, Greece

Lars Braseth, Ron and Patricia Madson with Mosvik, Norway, Historian Tordis Markhus

Michael and Poly Ramsaur with Patricia Madson Munich, Germany

Ron and Patricia Madson at Stonehendge, England

Patricia Madson at the Bath England Castle of Jane Seymore

Ron & Patricia Madson at Nuscheinstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

The Viken Farm in Vearran Norway

The Castle at Hay-On-Wye, Wales

The Kjosfossen Waterfall on the Flam Railway, Norway

Baggerud Farm Dokka, Norway, Kristine Baggerud (1857-1931) was Born Here

One of several massive solar farms on Aero Island, Denmark

One of these two in Odense, Denmark, is my wife Patricia

The Wonderful Braseth Family, Mosvik, Norway

Dining with Silvia Usher in York, England

Ron in Central Park, NY, NY, during jogging trek thru the 'Gates'

International Association of Constructive Living meeting, Canada

Sisters, Descendants of Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi (1207-1273)

Whirling Dervishes at the Annual Sema in Konia, Turkey
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