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I think the most important online internet site for doing Norwegian genealogy is the Norwegian Digital Archives site at To the left are 2 screens. The top one is the "home" page. On the left side of the screen, search options are listed. The Digitised Parish Registers are the most useful, making available: Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Confirmations, all listed by Parish. The lower page shows the 1865 census on the Rognlie farm in Værran, Norway.

I use as the 'bread-n-butter' starting point for Research in the US. The Mormon site is also a good place to start - and it is free.

Below is a list of websites which have proven to be useful in family history research. They are primarily from Mike Peterson. They focus on Norwegian- genealogical research. They are FREE services except where noted:

eGenealogy - Internet Research Sites

Minnesota Genealogical Research

Norway Genealogical Research

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