The Rognlie Family, by Verdi Rognlie, Published 1970
Værran, Norway To The Red River Valley and Beyond

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The Rognlie Family Book, Created by Verdi Rognlie in 1970

Rognlie Photo Book excerpts, Photos Between 1890-2009

The Roignlie Family Reunion 1905 - On The Rognlie Farms, Canedonia, North Dakota

Correll Rognlie Madson on Penny, at The Good Hope Farm, Buffalo, North Dakota

Rognlie Heritage

The Rognlie farm house Værran, Norway, 1900

Hillside and Rogn Tree - Rognlie Farm, Værran, Norway

The Rognlie family reunion about 1905
At the Peter Rognlie farm

Inga, Sophia, and Benna Rognlie

The Peter Rognlie family 1889

Inga, Gerhard, and Sophia Rognlie

Wilhelm and Emma Rognlie

The Rognlie children and Edvard Braseth

Edvard Braseth and Sophia Rognlie

James E Mathis, Benna Rognlie's husband

Gerhard and Hilda Rognlie

Martin Madson

Martin and Inga Madson

Norma A Rognlie, Wilhelm's daughter

Wilhelm and Emma Rognlie

James E Mathis, Benna Rognlie's husband

Inga, Correll, and Martin Madson

Wlhelm Rognlie and Olaf Rognlie
We owe a profound thanks to the two principle Rognlies who made this Rognlie Family History book a reality. First, Verdi Rognlie (1908-1995) put the book together in 1970 and produced updates up through 1983. Second, we are indebted to Paul "PB" Christopher Rognlie (1871-1952). He was the photographer who took the 240+ photos in this book, and he wrote the lion’s share of this book’s family history narrative. PB Rognlie wrote this material so that his children and their descendants would have knowledge of this wing of the Rognlie family who came from Værran, Norway.
You can read the book or down load it by clicking on this link. You can also read or download it as a Microsoft document.

Planned Research - A Rognlie Genealogy And Family History Book

We are in the process now of researching and beginning a book containing Rognlie family history and genealogy. It is anticipated that this will take a year or two to complete.
If you are a Rognlie, a Rognlie descendant, or have married into this ancient family, I need your help to document our mutual family history. Several years ago the genealogy bug bit me and I’ve been on a mission to learn everything I can about the fascinating family from which I am descended. My grandmother, Inga was a Rognlie. Those of you who share this unique ancestry or share this distinctive name may know that it has a special heritage. I began collecting data, stories and photographs of the Rognlies and in the summer of 2009 published a large book of photographs, charts and a few stories about the Rognlies. You can view this book online at the link mentioned above in the second paragraph on this page.
I am asking for your help in collecting data, stories and photographs of current day Rognlies as well as relatives who are no longer living. To this end you can be of enormous assistance to me as I gather information about our relatives. I am planning to compile this information to produce a book on the Rognlie family history.
My purpose is to create a book that will honor the family and reflect its diversity and background. It will be self published and my purpose will be to make it available at cost to any who wish to own a copy. At this point I’m not sure of all the details of the publication, whether it will be just hard copy or electronic also. All who contribute will be credited, of course.
You can be sure that I will honor your trust in sharing this information. If you have any concerns, please call or write and I will address them right away. I have prepared a “family fact sheet” to bring together the basic genealogy facts of those who are descended from the Rognlie line. You can print the “form” and mail it to me at the address below or you may complete this on-line form and email it to me. ( The email form is easy.) But, it makes no difference wherther you print the form and mail it or complete it on line and email it. In addition I would be overjoyed to receive any stories you are willing to share, or newspaper clippings or memorabilia. And, more importantly I would be grateful to see any photos you are willing to share. Digital images are likely the safest way to share these. Any materials sent to me in the mail will be scanned into my computer and returned safely to you.
Likely this book will be more like a patchwork quilt of stories and information than a straight chronological work. To understand what I have assembled already, you can check out other family history pages here at and see some of the stories and photographs. Let me thank you in advance for any and all help you are willing to give. And, if you are not interested in contributing to this project I do understand. Thank you for your time in reading this.

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