ROGNLIE Family Reunion, June 1905, Peter Gunerius Rognlie Farm, Caledonia, North Dakota

Top Row l-to-r: Mrs Sivert Rognlie, Mrs Ole J Rognlie, Sivert Rognlie, Ole J Rognlie, Mrs Oluf P Rognlie, Peter Gunerius Rognlie, Ingvald Efteland holding daughter, Idella, Mrs Peter G Rognlie, Adolph Rognlie, Mrs John Lee (Gjorgine Rognlie), Severn J Rognlie, Peter Viken, Mrs Enoch Dybing (Olga Bjøre), Mrs Edvard Braseth (Sophia Rognlie) holding Phillip Heisler, Haakon Rognlie, Mrs Ole Bjøre (Christine Rognlie), Mrs Ole Lynstad

Second Row: Oluf P Rognlie, unknown, Oscar Orville Roppe, Mrs Oscar O Roppe (Clara Rognlie), Mrs Ingvald Efteland (Hannah A Bjøre), Magdalena “Maggie” Rognlie, Gena Roppe, Mrs Peter Viken, Mrs Albert Hallquist (Adeline Rognlie), Mrs John Foss, Mrs Christ Folstad (Marguritt) holding son Manfred

Third Row: Mrs Oliver E Serum (Josephine Rognlie), Nanny Rognlie, Aurora O Rognlie, Inga B Rognlie, Freda O Rognlie, Lillie M Rognlie, Mrs Theodore Swalstad (Julia S Bjøre), Mrs Paul Rognlie (Inez S Le Grand), Benna Rognlie, Wilhelm Rognlie holding son Waldemar, Mrs Wilheim Rognlie (Emma Tornell), Annie Folstad holding sister Constance

Front Row: Mentor Rognlie, Julius Folstad, Royal Lee, Annie Peterson (Howard), Tina Viken, Gerhard Rognlie, Judith Rognlie, unknown, Tina Lee, Stella Rognlie
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Welcome! This site is home for our evolving family history. There are family trees, great stories-aplenty, and lots of family photos. The family trees are built around the strong ROGNLIE trunk. I have written a story of one branch of the Rognlie clan emigrating to America in 1870. But as well as the Rognlie family group which has its origins in Værran, Norway, the following family tree branches are developed and are being groomed: Madson, Morris, Glaus, Ryan, Bethel, Drake, Pittman, Metcalfe, Bratlien, Bowen, Phillips, Cohen, Petersen, and Braseth. There are around 7,000 more family surnames currently on our family tree, which sports more then 25,000 of ourrelatives. If you have family history material, photos, stories and such, that you would be willing to share with me and add to this home for our family history or if you have a question or comment, drop me a line. Click on "Family History" above to go to the main geneagolgy and family history page. Or you can go to Patricia Madson or Ron Madson's home pages above also. Thanks.

The photo below was taken at the August 28, 2009 Malterud - Rognlie family reunion held in Minot, North Dakota.

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