This is Bjorg Bjoberg, Watercolor Artist and Singer with my wife Patricia Ryan Madson. They are standing in front of a statue of the mythical Norse hero King Bele. The statue was presented to the town of Balestrand by Kiaser Wilhelm II in 1913. The statue and the two woman are standing on top of "King Bele's Burial mound" in Balestrand, Norway. From there, the Kingly statue surveys his Queen's burial mound, about 10 meters to the east of his mound, and Norway's largest Fjord: Sognefjorden. Balestrand is strategically located on a point in this Fjord. There was an active Viking presence here in the Viking 'hay-day' 789AD - 1100AD. Prominent Vikings were generally buried on land in their "Viking Long Boats" with their possessions, referred to as "grave goods", such as weapons, provisions and animals. All this was done with the thought that the person being buried will need the items in Valhalla. Valhalla is the Norse God Odin's after-life 'Home' for those Vikings gloriously slain in battle.